Qualifying Criteria
After assessing last edition’s finisher to start ratio, Qualification criteria for Vagamon Ultrail 2020  has been modified.  The emphasis has always been on proper training and preparedness for a good trail experience and not for making the race entry difficult for participants.  

  • You must be 18 years of age or older before January 11, 2020.
  • 60K – Registrants must have completed a Full Marathon in 05:15Hrs or any Ultra Marathon within the cut-off time prescribed by the organizers of the race. For 12 hour runs like stadium runs, one must have atleast run 60 Kms.
    90K – Completion of an Ultra marathon (atleast 50KMs) with a minimum elevation gain of 1000m within the cut-off specified by the organiser.
  • Runners must submit the hyperlink to the timing certificate or a shareable result link or link to their ITRA profile during registration.  No Strava or gpx data will be accepted. 
  • Races run after 01-Jul-2018 will only be considered as a qualifying race for Vagamon Ultrail 2020.
  • Anyone who registers without submitting or fulfilling the criteria will have their registration cancelled and entry fees forfeited. 
  • After registration, If you cannot participate in the race for some reason, you should notify us by December 15th 2019 and get your registration cancelled.  Your registration cannot be swapped with anyone else or carried over to future editions.  We will issue a refund of ₹1000/- for all such voluntary cancellations till 15th December.  If you don’t participate in the race without cancelling the registration, you will only be allowed to enter after 2 editions of Vagamon Ultrail (i.e. 2023).

If you have any questions on the qualification criteria, it is always a good idea to write to us and clarify before your register. 

Vagamon Ultrail offers two categories in the 2020 edition – 60 Kilometres and 90 Kilometres.  

The 60K run is a point to point course taking runners through the most beautiful locales in Vagamon while still posing enough challenges for a regular marathon runner.  The course takes you through different terrains.

The event starts just before day break at 06:30 AM from Kolahalamedu Post Office.  This is near Orchidarium.  Runners are required to report at 06:00 AM.  The course map can be accessed here.  Runners in this category are given a total of 12 hours from the start of the race to finish the 60K event, i.e a finish no later than 06:30 PM.  However, the runners must pass two stage cut-offs; 24 Km stage cut-off point by 11:30 AM (5 Hours from start) & 42Km stage cut-off by 03:00 PM (8.5 hours from start).

The 90K run will start and finish at St. Thomas LP School, Pullikkanam.  Initially, the runners will run towards the 60K start and then will take a different route to return to the finish line.  Runners are required to report at the start line latest by 04:30 AM to start the race at 05:00 AM.  The course map can be accessed here.  Runners in this category are given a total of 18 hours from the start of the race to finish the 90K event.

The stage cut-off times for the 90K race will be strictly implemented and are as follows:

Distance Cut-off time
30 Km 11:00 AM (6 hours from start)
56 Km 04:00 PM (11 hours from start)
74 Km 08:00 PM (15 hours from start)

Note 1: All time and distance mentioned here are tentative and subject to very minor changes, which will be confirmed at a later date.

Note 2: Runners still on the course after the cut-off time (both stage and overall cut-offs) will be picked up by the sweep vehicles and will not be permitted to continue the race.  There will be no exception as the cut-off times are implemented to ensure the safety of runners.