Pre-Race Dinner (05:30 PM – 07:30 PM, Friday, January 10th, 2020)
We are pleased to host all 90K & 60K runners for a pre-race dinner at Greenline Holidays Ecopark.  Families/friends of runners intending to partake in the dinner may inform us in advance by sending us an email
, latest by 05:00 PM on January 5th, 2020.  Food coupons will be issued to registered family members/friends on a chargeable basis.  Fun runners who have booked the pre-race dinner during registration can also join the pre-race Dinner.  

Pre-Race Snacks (04:00 AM – 08:30 AM, Saturday, January 11th, 2020) 
Some snacks will be provided for quick bite at the start point prior to the commencement of the race.

In-Race Snacks and Hydration
The aid stations will be well-stocked with water, energy drinks from our Nutrition Partner, fruits etc. during the race.  The rest areas along the course will be additionally stocked with some light snacks.  We will also provide cooked food at specific aid stations/rest areas,  which will be communicated closer to the race day.  Warm drinks will also be made available at rest areas and will be served in reusable coconut shells.  We will continue to use reusable cups/Water Dispensers for Energy drinks & Water at aid stations and rest areas.  Participants are also free to bring their own.  Since Vagamon is an ecologically sensitive area, we will be providing water and energy drinks only in reusable plastic cups.  We will not be providing water in disposable plastic bottles at aid stations/rest areas.

We will use vegan RRUN During as energy drink during the run. The RRUN During is a blend of high GI-carbohydrate, electrolytes, amino-acids and a key osmolyte and ensures adequate hydration and endurance through the run.  RRUN comes from the House of Unived Sports.

Runners may feel free to carry their own fuel for use during the race.  However, should you do so, please ensure that you do not throw any trash around and carry it back with you.

Since aid stations will be far and in-between, it is unlikely that runners will find alternate sources of hydration given the remoteness of our location, we strongly recommend that runners carry a water bottle or hydration pack on them.  Please also ensure that the bottle(s) and/or hydration pack(s) are refilled at every opportunity from the aid stations.  This will ensure that you have water available on you in case of an emergency.  You may pass by streams along the course and the waters may not be potable, and we suggest that you not fill-up here.

Post-Race Meal
A post-race meal will be provided to all finishers at their respective finish-lines.

Rest areas/Aid Stations
Aid stations with water, energy drinks from our Nutrition Partner (
Unived Sports), fruits etc. will be set up at average intervals of 6 Km along the course.  There will also be some covered space along the course for runners to stretch and lie-down.

Medical assistance
There will be a dedicated medical team at the start line and the finish lines.  Medical stations will be located strategically along the course taking road accessibility into consideration.  Should the medical staff find you to be unfit to continue the race at any time, you will be pulled out of the run.  Runners are requested to strictly abide by the instructions of the medical staff.

Toilets will be available near all the rest areas for the participants. These will be provided at an average of every 10 Km.  Please respect the course through which you run by making use of these facilities, if needed.

Drop Bag and Baggage Counter
Drop bag
A drop bag facility is available to the participants of the 90K run.  90K runners are permitted to drop only 1 (one) bag which can be accessed at the 30K and 56K marks (approximate distance from the start).  Runners availing the drop bag facility are required to check-in their drop bag at the designated counter at the pre-race briefing area between 05:30 PM and 07:30 PM on January 10th, 2020.  This bag must be marked with your bib number.

No drop bag facility is available for 60K runners.

Baggage Counter
A baggage counter will be available at the start-line of all categories. The bags received will be made available at the finish line.

Accommodation and Transportation Facilities
More details in the
Travel & Accommodation section of our website.

Shuttle Service
Shuttle service will be provided to those 60K runners who have not availed transport & accommodation package and want to move from the finish to 60K start.