Running Gear

Head lamps/torches
Head lamps or torches are mandatory for runners running the 90K.  Runners should also ensure that they have sufficient spare batteries with them for the head lamps.  Since the 90K race is scheduled to start before sunrise, it is mandatory that all 90K runners start the race with their head lamps or torches.  These head lamps/torches may be dropped at the first aid station (at 6Km from start), and the same will be made available at the 35K/60K drop bag station.

Mobile phones
It is also highly recommended that runners carry their mobile phones.  While network is expected to be patchy, in the event of any emergency, runners may be able to contact race officials (whose numbers will be provided to all participants in advance).  From our experience, we have seen that BSNL has reasonably better coverage along the course.

Every runner is also advised to bring a whistle and to carry the same all through the race.  However, runners are requested to use the whistles ONLY in case of an emergency, and in order to help volunteers and race officials find you.

Sun protection
While the weather is cool in January, since the course does not have adequate shade from trees, it does get very sunny during day time.  We recommend that you carry necessary protection against the sun, which may include sun screen, cap, sleeves, shades etc.

Rain protection
While January is the driest and coolest month, weather is unpredictable since Vagamon is a hill station.  Should there be a rain, the course may get very slippery.  The run will be conducted regardless of the weather unless it poses serious safety hazards.

The course is not bare-foot friendly.  However, from our experience, minimalist trail footwear seems to work along the course.

Runners are expected to prepare their running gear and drop-bag well in advance of the race.  However, an indicative list of items that you may use for reference is as follows:

  • Running shorts/pants
  • Running T-shirt/singlet
  • Running shoes
  • Socks (we recommend you carry at least two pairs)
  • Water bottle or hydration pack
  • Cap/hat/visor/headband, sweatband, sleeves
  • Watch, heart rate monitor and other tracking devices
  • Mobile phone (fully charged)
  • Vaseline or Bodyglide
  • Change of clothes post run
  • Headlight
  • Batteries for headlights
  • First aid kit
  • Running gels and other fuels that you normally use
  • Sunscreen