Q: What is maximum and minimum permissible age for participation?
A: The minimum permissible age is 18 years as of 11th January, 2020. We firmly believe that anyone can run at any age. There is no upper age limit, although we will require proof of prior completion of an event or assurance that you have put in the effort to train for a trail ultra marathon.

Q: Can I pick-up my bib on the same day as the race?
A: No, bibs are to be picked up one day prior to the race, i.e., on 10th January, 2020, between 05:30 PM and 07:30 PM

Q: Once applied can I cancel my entry and get refund?
A: After registration, If you cannot participate in the race for some reason, you should notify us by December 15th 2019 and get your registration cancelled. Your registration cannot be swapped with anyone else or carried over to future editions. We will issue a refund of ₹1000/- for all such voluntary cancellations till 15th December. If you don’t participate in the race without cancelling the registration, you will only be allowed to enter after 2 editions of Vagamon Ultrail (i.e. 2023)..

Q: Can I change my race category once I have applied/my entry is confirmed?
A: Yes, you can change the race category yourself by logging into the townscript account using the E-mail address you used at the time of registration.  This will only be available till 15th December 2019.

Q: Can I transfer my registration to another person?
A: No transfers between races or transfers of race entry to another runner will be allowed i.e., Race Bibs are NOT interchangeable under any circumstances. Violation of the same will result in immediate disqualification.  

Q: How will my entry acceptance be intimated to me?
A: On successful completion of registration, you will receive a confirmation email from tickets@townscript.com and an SMS on your registered mobile number. Please ensure that you set your spam filter appropriately so that mails from the above email address do not go to spam folder. Closer to the event, you will receive more details on your E-mail.

Q: Can I register for Vagamon Ultrail 2020 even if I have not yet run a qualifying race?
A: No, Runners must submit the hyperlink to the timing certificate or a shareable result link or link to their ITRA profile during registration. We will cancel all registrations without a valid qualification data after 48 hrs.

Q: How can an overseas applicant apply for the Event?
A: Overseas applicants are required to register in the same manner as non-overseas applicants. However, foreign nationals are required to show their passport along and also hand-over a copy of the same during bib collection on 10th January, 2020.

Q: What is the Registration Fee for each category?
A: ₹2500/- including GST for both categories.

Q: Can I register on the day of the event?
A: No, registrations will be closed on 15th December 2019 or as all 250 slots get filled up. This will be strictly enforced.

Q: When is the Vagamon Ultrail 2020?
A: The next edition of Vagamon Ultrail, the 2020 one, is scheduled for 11th January, 2020.



Q: How can I reach Vagamon?
A: Vagamon is a hill station located in Idukki district of Kerala, India. This is at a distance of 110 Km from Kochi.
Road: Vagamon is well connected by roads, connecting it to the rest of the state.
Rail: The nearest city railway station is Kottayam, located at a distance of 60kms from Vagamon. However, no transport facilities are being arranged by the organisers from Kottayam to Vagamon. For runners interested in availing the transport facility provided by the organisers, please ensure that you disembark at Ernakulam Junction or Ernakulam Town railway station(s).
Air: The Kochi International Airport at Nedumbassery has flights from all over the world coming in almost daily. You will find no problem in flying in.

Q: Do organisers provide any transit to Vagamon, since the site is remote?
A: Transportation facilities are provided by the organisers for those who opt for the same during registration. More details on Transportation is available in the Travel & Accommodation section of the website.

Q: Is public transport available?
A: Yes. However, please note that the timings and the mode of transport (you will need to change en-route) may prove to be inconvenient for our race schedule.

Q: Can I reach by private vehicle?
A: Yes, Vagamon is well-connected by roads. The start-point of the 90K race is St. Thomas LP School and that of the 60K is at Kolahalamedu Post Office.


Q: What are the options of accommodation?
A: We have partnered with M/s Ace tours and travels for providing accommodation and transport.  Details are available in the Travel and Accommodation section of our website.

Q: Is it compulsory to opt for accommodation provided by the organisers?
A: No, participants can arrange their own accommodation & transport.  If you chose to do so, we strongly recommend that you stay at places close to the start-point of your category, as Vagamon has very limited local transportation facilities.

Q: Are there camping facilities?
A: No, there are no camping facilities arranged by the organizers.



Q: Where is the venue for bib distribution?
A: Bibs will be distributed to registered participants at Greenline Holidays Ecopark, Vagamon (BIB Pick-up Point) on 10th January, 2020.

Q: Can I authorize another person to pick up my race packet?
A: No. Runners are required to check-in and collect their bibs/race-packets personally. Runners cannot authorise a third party to collect the bib/race-packet on their behalf.

Q: What are the documents required at the time of BIB Pick-up?
A: All participants will be required to show a valid Government ID (Driver’s License, Passport, PAN or Voter ID) during bib collection. Foreign nationals will have to show their passport during bib-collection. Participants are also requested to keep their registration confirmation email/SMS handy.

Q: Is a Govt. issued photo ID proof compulsory?
A: Yes. Failure to show a valid Government issued photo ID may result in the runner being disallowed from participating in the race.



Q: How many UTMB points will be awarded for completing the Vagamon Ultrail 2020?
A: Vagamon Ultrail 2020 is a qualifying race for UTMB®.  2 ITRA Points will be awarded for completing 60K and 3 points for completing 90K within cut-off.

Q: Is there food available on the course?
A: The aid stations will be well-stocked with water, energy drinks from our Nutrition Partner (Unived Sports), fruits etc. during the race. The rest areas along the course will be additionally stocked with light snacks. We will also provide cooked food at specific aid stations/rest areas, which will be communicated closer to the race day.

Q: How many Aid Stations are on the course?
A: Aid stations will be set up at average intervals of 6 Km along the course. There will also be some covered areas along the course for runners to stretch and lie-down for a bit.

Q: Where can I find a Vagamon Ultrail 2020 course map?
A: Course map section of the website.  

Q: What sports drink will be available on the course?
A: We will be using Unived’s “RRUNN During” as the energy & hydration drink which will be served at all the aid-stations and rest areas on course. “RRUNN During” is a blend of carbohydrate, electrolytes, amino-acids and a key osmolyte and ensures adequate hydration and endurance through the run. Details are available at Unived Sports.

Q: Can I walk the course?
A: Yes, participants may feel free to complete the race by running, walking or crawling. However, no motion enhancing devices are permitted. Regardless of how a participant chooses to complete the course, please note that the races have overall and stage-wise cut-off times, which all runners are required to adhere to and will be enforced strictly.  But, you are not likely to reach the intermediate stage cut-offs within stipulated time, if you just resort to walking.  

Q: What are the cut-off timings?
A: There are separate cut-off times for the 60K race and 90K race.

Runners are given a total of 12 hours from the start of the race to finish the 60K event. However, there will be multiple stage cut-offs; of 5 hours at 25 Km, and a second cut-off of 8.5 hours at 42 Km.  Runners still on the course after their cut-off times (both stage and overall cut-off) will be picked up by the sweep vehicle and will not be permitted to continue the race.***

Runners are given a total of 18 hours from the start of the race to finish the 90K event. However, there will be multiple stage cut-offs of 6 hours at 30 Km, 11 hours at 56 Km and 15 hours at 74 Km. Runners still on the course after their cut-off times (both stage and overall cut-off) will be picked up by the sweep vehicle and will not be permitted to continue the race.***

Q: When does the finish line close?
A: The finish line for the 60K race closes at 12 hours from the start of the race, which is at 06:30 PM. The finish line for the 90K race closes at 18 hours from the start of the race, i.e., at 11:00 PM.***

Q: Where does the race start and finish?
A: 60K will start from Kolahalamedu Post Office and finish at St. Thomas LP School, Pullikkanam. While, the 90K will start and finish at St. Thomas LP School, Pullikanam. The course map will be available here soon.

Q: What time does the race start?
A: The 90K race will start at 05:00 AM and 60K at 06:30 AM on 11th January, 2020.


Q: Where will be results published?
A: The results will be updated here soon after the race. All finishers can obtain their official time from the website of our timing provider within a week following the event. Results from the run will be uploaded to the site within a week from the race day for those interested in using Vagamon Ultrail qualify for other races.

Q: What is the prize money for the podium finishers?
A: The Vagamon Ultrail does not have any prize money. The race is conducted purely for the love of running and for people to experience the beauty of the breathtaking route. Every runner who successfully completes their race within the stipulated time will earn a unique medal to take home.

***Timing and distance are tentative and subject to minor change.