18th JANUARY 2025

The Vagamon ULtrail is an Ultra Trail Marathon is organized by Soles of Cochin in the hills of Vagamon.  Soles of Cochin is a group of fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about long distance running.  We have been organizing the annual Ageas Federal Life Insurance Spice Coast Marathon in Kochi since 2014.  Vagamon ULtrail has evolved from our internal running fest in Vagamon, which we have been organizing since 2016 and then first opened to public in 2018.  

Through this Ultra Marathon, we are providing an opportunity and experience to run through the trails, hills, meadows and by the ridges of Vagamon.  Vagamon is a hill station located along the Kottayam-Idukki border of Kerala and has been nicknamed as the "Scotland of Asia", thus providing a paradise for trail runners.

Registration Rules

Considering all challenges posed by the course and weather in Vagamon, the participants must meet the following criteria:


Pre-Race Dinner (05:00 PM – 07:30 PM, Friday, January 17th, 2025

Pre-race briefing, dinner and BIB collection on the night before the race.  This is also available for all categories including the 10K Trail Walk.  If the registered runner have additional friends or family who have not registered and yet want to be part of this, please let us know atleast a week before the race.  

Pre-Race Snacks (05:00 AM – 07:00 AM, Saturday, January 18th, 2025

Some snacks will be provided for quick bite at the start point prior to the commencement of the race.  (Note: This won't be a regular breakfast.  Its only BBJ & tea/coffee)

In-Race Snacks and Hydration

Aid stations with water, energy drinks, fruits etc. will be set up at average intervals of 10 Km along the course.  Every runner (from all categories) should mandatorily carry a 1L bottle with them at all times.  

There will be one refreshment station for 10K Trail Walk, excluding the one at finish.  However, the 10K Trail Walkers must carry 1L water and also some snacks such as dry fruits. 

For 36K & 75K, the aid stations will be well-stocked with water, energy drinks, fruits etc. during the race.  The rest areas along the course will be additionally stocked with some light snacks.  We will also provide cooked food at specific aid stations/rest areas, which will be communicated closer to the race day.  Warm drinks will also be made available at rest areas and will be served in reusable coconut shells.  We will continue to use reusable cups/Water Dispensers for Energy drinks & Water at aid stations and rest areas.  Participants are also free to bring their own.  Since Vagamon is an ecologically sensitive area, we will be providing water and energy drinks only in reusable plastic cups.  We will not be providing water in disposable plastic bottles at aid stations/rest areas.

Runners may feel free to carry their own fuel for use during the race.  However, should one do so, please ensure that one does not throw any trash around and carry it back with them.

Since aid stations will be far and in-between, it is unlikely that runners will find alternate sources of hydration given the remoteness of our location, we strongly recommend that runners carry a water bottle or hydration pack on them.  This will be checked at the start, and runners will not be allowed to start without this mandatory gear.  Please also ensure that the bottle(s) and/or hydration pack(s) are refilled at every opportunity from the aid stations.  This will ensure that one has water available on them in case of an emergency.  Runners may pass by streams along the course and the waters may not be potable, and we suggest that runners not fill-up here.

Post-Race Meal

A post-race meal will be provided to all participants at the finish.  However, in case of the 10K Trail Walk, a light breakfast will be provided.  

Medical assistance

There will be a dedicated medical team at the start line and the finish lines.  Medical stations will be located strategically along the course taking road accessibility into consideration.  Should the medical staff find a runner to be unfit to continue the race at any time, they will be pulled out of the run.  Runners are requested to strictly abide by the instructions of the medical staff.


Toilets will be available near all the rest areas for the participants. These will be provided at an average of every 10 Km.  Please respect the course through which one run by making use of these facilities, if needed.  Shower facilities will be made available at the finish.  

Baggage Counter

A baggage counter will be available at the start-line of all categories. The bags received will be made available at the finish line.  Maximum bag size allowed is 15L, just enough to accommodate a towel, dry footwear and change of clothes 

However, there is no drop bag facility for both 75K & 36K.  Drop bags are typically those personal belongs put together in a bag, made accessible at specific points during the race.  

Accommodation and Transportation Facilities

More details in the Travel & Accommodation section of our website.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle service will be provided to all runners who have even not availed transport & accommodation package and want to move from the finish to the start line.  There is no shuttle service available for 10K Trail Walk as the start and finish are at the same location. For those who have availed the travel package, they will be dropped back from where they have been picked up.  

Medals, Certificates & Accolades

Medals will be awarded to all runners who finish within the cut-off.  Certificates will also be made available online to all 36K & 75K finishers.  Results will be uploaded to ITRA & UTMB for 36K & 75K runners who have finished within the cut-off.  There is no prize money or awards for podium finishers as we believe that all participants are winners.   To avoid wastage, finisher medals are available only for the first 100 finishers of 75K & first 120 finishers of the 36K. Medals will be sent by post to the remaining finishers. 


Vagamon ULtrail offers three categories in the 2025 edition – 10K Trail Walk, 36K and 75K

The event will start at 06:30 AM from Kolahalamedu Post Office and will finish at St. Thomas LP School, Pullikanam. Runners are required to report at the latest by 06:00 AM.  The course map can be accessed here.  There is no stage cut-off, but should move fast enough to reach the finish by 05:00 PM.  

The event will start at 05:30 AM from Kolahalamedu Post Office.  Runners are required to report atleast by 05:00 AM. All 75K runners must carry their own head lamps / torches.  The course map can be accessed here.  Runners in this category are given a total of 15 hours from the start of the race to finish the 75K event, i.e a finish no later than 08:30 PM.  However, runners must pass three stage cut-offs; First one at approximately 26 Km by 10:30 AM (5 Hours from start) & second one at approximately 44 Km by 02:30 PM (9 hours from start), and the third stage cut-off at approximately 65Kms before 06:30 PM (13 hours from the start)This stage cut-off is not the time to reach the aid station, but the runners must have left the aid station at this specific cut-off time.  The race finishes at St. Thomas LP School, Pullikanam.  Final Cut-off for 75K is at 08:30 PM.

Note 1: All time and distance mentioned here are tentative and subject to very minor changes, which will be confirmed a week before the race.

Note 2: Runners still on the course after the cut-off time (both stage and overall cut-offs) will be picked up by the sweep vehicles and will not be permitted to continue the race.  There will be no exception as the cut-off times are implemented to ensure local government body guidelines.

Running Gear

Hydration Bag / Water Bottle

Hydration Bag or a Water Bottle (1L) is mandatory for all runners, including the Trail Walk participants. It can get very hot between 10:00 AM & 02:00 PM (if not raining) and runners must be self sufficient between the aid stations.  Water can be filled from the dispensers kept in Aid Stations or can be consumed in reusable plastic cups.  We won’t provide plastic bottles at the start, finish or at the Aid stations.

Head Lamps

Head Lamps or Torches are mandatory for 75K participants. Torches of mobile phones can't be used as a replacement for head lamp/torch. Each participant must have their own head lamp/torch switched ON when starting. The participants also must have their own head lamp/torch switched ON after 06.30 PM. Failure to comply with this regulation will lead to immediate disqualification from the race. 

Mobile phones

It is also highly recommended that runners carry their mobile phones.  While network is expected to be patchy, in the event of any emergency, runners may be able to contact race officials (whose numbers will be provided to all participants in advance).  From our experience, we have seen that BSNL has reasonably better coverage along the course.  Please remember to carry a pouch for the mobile that will protect it from rain.  


Every runner is also advised to bring a whistle and to carry the same all through the race.  However, runners are requested to use the whistles ONLY in case of an emergency, and in order to help volunteers and race officials find a lost runner.

Sun protection

We recommend that runners carry necessary protection against the sun, which may include sun screen, cap, sleeves, shades etc.

Rain protection

It doesn't normally rain during this time of the year.  The run will be conducted regardless of the weather unless it poses serious safety hazards.


The course is not bare-foot friendly.  However, from our experience, minimalist trail footwear seems to work along the course.


Runners are expected to prepare their running gear and drop-bag well in advance of the race.  However, an indicative list of items that runners may use for reference is as follows:

Important Locations

BIB Distribution & Pre-Race Briefing - Orion County Resorts

10K Trail Walk Start & Finish - St. Thomas LP School, Pullikanam

36K & 75K Race Start - Kolahalamedu Post Office

36K & 75K Race Finish - St. Thomas LP School, Pullikanam

Race Schedule